‘Dronecleaners’ Deliver Pants By Quadcopter

Pants, dropped!

What’s the best way to convince millenials to get their suits drycleaned? No one knows, but Philadelphia’s Manayunk Cleaners is trying drones.

The drone is a modified DJI Phantom quadcopter, which is a commercially available drone capable of carrying about 1 or 2 pounds. Clothes on hangers are attached to a hanging clip on the drone’s legs, while the drone buzzes along through the air.

It’s hardly an autonomous system, though. The drone needs two operators: one person to fly the drone, and another person to make sure the path ahead is clear. The dronecleaner doesn’t have a camera, so the pilot has to watch the drone with his own eyes the entire time.

All told, this is a way less efficient way to delivery laundry than just sending someone over on foot or on a bike.

Of course, the point isn’t really to make this cost-competitive. The point is that drones are awesome (when they aren’t, you know, hurting people). And, okay, making drones do an otherwise-menial task is pretty fantastic marketing.

NBC Philadelphia