C.F. Møller and Dinell Johansson

Look at this futuristic skyscraper design! Construction for it would dump less CO2 into the atmosphere than traditional steel construction! It’d be cheaper to build! It’d be made out of–uh, wood, actually.

The proposed design, from architecture firm C. F. Møller, would be the world’s tallest wood skyscraper and go up in Stockholm by 2023. In fact, at 34 stories, the building would totally dwarf the plan for America’s tallest wood building, which will stand at a mere six stories.

There are at least a couple potential upsides to making a skyscraper with wood. For one thing, the CO2 released by manufacturing wood for building is less than it is for concrete or steel. Since its lighter than those materials, wood also costs a lot less to transport. (Plus: look at the interior! It’s like living in a modern treehouse.)

Wood Skyscraper Interior

The building wouldn’t be made completely of wood: the architects are planning on giving the building a concrete core, and installing glass windows. Which is good, since I think wood windows are just called doors.

[via Curbed]