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You’re heading home for the holidays or vacation when–_whoops!_--your bag falls into the clutches of the airline underbelly. What happened?

Well, it could’ve been a lot of things, according to this infographic from Boldface and Irish Independent. If you’re one of the unfortunate 26 million souls this happened to in 2012 (a 4.5 percent increase from 2011), there was a 48 percent chance you were the victim of a “transfer mishandling.” The next closest error, at 17 percent: “failure to load.”

As you might expect, the bigger airports with more bags to juggle are way more likely to lose your bag than the smaller airports, but what’s a little strange is how much regional variation there. Europe, for some reason, has a way higher bag-mishandling rate than Asia.

It’s all enough to make you think there’s some kind of conspiracy to separate you from your belongings, but then again, the airlines took a $2.6 billion hit because of the mix-ups. Not really a good situation on either side.

International Airport Baggage Report

International Airport Baggage Report infographic by Boldface.

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