A Box With A Hidden Video Camera Documents Its Own Journey Through The Mail

What happens to your package after it leaves your arms

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Recently I found myself in need of shipping several valuable and highly breakable items, and I dreaded what would become of them after their boxes left my care. Would the invisible conveyor belts, giant bins and beshorted UPS guys really handle them with care? Next time maybe I will follow this guy’s lead and put a camera in the box just to be sure.

London designer Ruben van der Vleuten was curious about the shipping process, so he secured a small camera inside a box, cut a tiny hole for it to view the world, and programmed a timer with an Arduino microcontroller. The camera was set to make a three-second video every minute, and longer videos when the controller detected the box was moving. Then he rode his bike to the post office and shipped it to himself. Here’s a timelapse of what his package experienced.

[via FlowingData]