We’ve seen ideas for flexible, paper-thin electronics before, but these prototypes for stretchy mobile devices are pretty neat. The prototypes, called Morphees and developed by engineers at the University of Bristol, listen to commands and shapeshift based on users’ moment-by-moment needs.

The early examples are pretty basic: get some privacy while typing in a password by having the paper fold up, request a console-like shape for optimal gaming mode, or have the device curl into the world’s most expensive stress ball. The inventors envision the device working based on dedicated apps: the same way you go to the App Store to download certain functions, a database would be available where users could download certain folds. You get your stress ball shape by downloading the stress ball app, or your discreet banking shape by downloading the banking app.

We’re probably still a while away from seeing one of these on the market, but it’s cool to think about a not-so-distant future where our smartphones sit in wallets, sandwiched between business cards.