A new project on Kickstarter allows amateur artists to 3-D print their simple 2-D doodles. The Doodle3D Wifi Box is designed to connect any wireless drawing device (i.e. any tablet, smartphone, or computer) to a 3-D printer. The software runs on the WiFi box, and users access it through their browser.

Prototype of the Doodle3D WiFi Box

How it works: Connect the Doodle3D WiFi Box to a compatible 3-D printer via USB, sketch an image into the Doodle3D software, then hit “print.” The printer then turns the 2-D line drawing into a 3-D object.

Doodle3D on a tablet

Users who want to print more complex objects can play with the software’s sculpting and rotating features. The creators of the device, who are hoping to raise $50,000 by May 22, say their goal is to create a more user-friendly interface for designing 3-D-printable objects.

3-D printed doodles

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