Land Robots V. Flying Drones, winner
Land Robots V. Flying Drones, winner Katie Peek and Colin Lecher

The people have spoken. The greatest landbot/ sky drone in all the internet is…. the X-47B!

The X-47B
The X-47B Douglas Sonders

The X-47B, the world’s first autonomous warplane, crushed BigDog, Boston Dynamics’s robotic pack mule, 63 percent to 37 percent, in the final round of our Land Robots Vs. Flying Drones March Madness bracket. Check out our 2012 magazine feature on the X-47B, and go here to review earlier rounds of the bracket. Oh, and thanks for playing! If you’ve got suggestions for next year’s bracket, let us know in the comments.

The X-47B in Flight
The X-47B in Flight Northrop Grumman