Sam Bompas and Harry Parr are a breed unto themselves; young British purveyors of culinary spectacle whose most recent book, Feasting, includes recipes for simple dishes like ham covered in glitter, as well as elaborations entailing octopus tentacles, diethyl ether, and explosives.

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In the past, they’ve constructed events like a lake of alcoholic punch you can row across (indoors) and a room full of vaporized gin and tonic. Now, in a new installation at King’s College London, they’ve built a tornado out of whirling whisky mist.

The tornado represents

the impact the Scottish weather has on flavour formation in whisky. Sunlight, temperature, rainfall and humidity all contribute to the distinctive aromatics found in the spirit.

It may not be as dramatic as Theo Gray’s fire tornado, featured in our current issue, but it’s more intoxicating.

[Via Designweek]