This ‘DRM’ Chair Will Self-Destruct After Eight Uses

It's like a high-tech, sadistic version of musical chairs.

Thibault Brevet/Vimeo

DRM CHAIR from thibault brevet on Vimeo.

This is a self-destructing chair, and also happens to be a pretty darn funny political statement.

Ever heard of DRM? It’s tacked on to software to push back against piracy. You might get a limited number of downloads for certain content, for example, ensuring you can’t post it up on the web for everybody with an internet connection to download.

So a team of designers expanded on that idea. What if everyday objects functioned like they were DRM-ladened? Well, it might look something like this chair, which self-destructs after eight uses.

The team thought up, built, and videoed the project in 48 hours for a design competition. A pressure sensor counts the number of times it’s been sat on, and an Arduino triggers the joints to melt after eight sits.

Don’t worry: it waits until the eighth sitter has walked away before it falls apart.

[Vimeo via Hexus]