Drones photo

Drones have been taking on more creative jobs lately. (Artsy skateboarding photographer? Check. Local news reporter? Check.) So it was just a matter of time before drones joined the construction game.

Design pair FG+SG has started enlisting a drone that can snag (very pretty) shots of buildings from the sky. The team plans on turning it into a client-based service, with the presumable sales pitch being: “Instead of trying to find that perfect position nearby, or paying up for a helicopter, let our drone do the work for you.”

Of course, having a pro photographer behind the drone doesn’t hurt, either. Fernando Guerra uses a camera system mounted to the lightweight, carbon fiber-based machine to capture the beautiful shots, whether they’re pictures of a building in progress or a landscapes of a completed structure.

Drones photo

The Missing Dimension

Drones photo

Biblioteca do Monte da Caparica

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