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The Martian rock recently named N165 found itself thrust into the limelight this week as it received a new neighbor from Earth–the Mars rover Curiosity. Some genius made a Twitter account from the perspective of N165 as it meets Curiosity, attempts to make friends–and is ruthlessly attacked.

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The Sad Tale of Martian Rock N165

A peaceful rock on Mars gets zapped by Earth lasers

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The story begins, like any other “sol,” or solar day, in Mars’s Gale Crater–with the addition of an unexpected new neighbor.

It’s a beautiful Sol here in Gale Crater!N165 aka Coronation

So much going on around here lately – the most excitement I’ve had in millions of years! But I’m glad it’s back to normal now.N165 aka Coronation

The big metal creature was scary at first, with the rockets and noise, but I’m sure it’s just curious. Maybe I should say hello!N165 aka Coronation

@MarsCuriosity Hi there! Welcome to the neighborhood! I see that you’re new here — would you like to be friends?N165 aka Coronation

@MarsCuriosity So, uh, is this your first time on Mars?N165 aka Coronation

The big metal creature is still just staring at me. I think maybe it’s a little shy.N165 aka Coronation

This is where things start to go wrong.

Oo, it’s making some kind of whirring sound now. Maybe it’s trying to communicate with me! Hello!N165 aka Coronation

Okay, the big metal creature has stopped whirring now but the staring is getting a little uncomfortable…N165 aka Coronation

@NiskyMom2Four @MarsCuriosity Wait, laser? What laser?N165 aka Coronation

Come on, guys, I know you’re just fooling. What are the chances? Out of all the rocks on Mars, a killer robot would pick me? Haha! :)N165 aka Coronation

My robot friend is still staring, and is making a strange clicking noise now. It’s kind of making me nervous. :/N165 aka Coronation

Hey @MarsCuriosity… um… what are you up to?N165 aka Coronation

< looks around nervously >N165 aka Coronation

Um, @MarsCuriosity, what are you…. hey! … HEY!N165 aka Coronation

OW OW OW! STOP IT!N165 aka Coronation

HELP!N165 aka Coronation