Video: Introducing the Carkoon, a Child Car Seat that Wraps Your Child in Kevlar Upon Impact

Worried about the safety rating of that child car seat? Perhaps you should swaddle your progeny in a protective Kevlar cocoon. The Carkoon is a new child seat developed by British company Cool Technologies that wraps your child in protective Kevlar and a fireproof Nomex airbag upon impact. It even calls emergency services for you.

When deployed, the airbag shields the entire exposed portion of the car seat, protecting the child inside from flying objects (or flames) inside the car using the same materials used in body armor and fireproof suits. And should the driver be incapacitated, an emergency transmitter begins beaming the GPS coordinates of the seat to emergency channels. Which means you can rest assured that although you may be on fire, junior is comfortably awaiting help to arrive.

The seat is currently a prototype but could go on sale as early as next year for around $800, cheaper than your designer stroller.