Video: Spray-On Antenna Material Turns Just About Anything into a Signal Array

Presenting at Google’s “Solve for X” gathering, a Utah startup has unveiled a spray-on antenna that improves signals by anything, just about anywhere, into a signal array. Using a novel nanoparticle spray, Chamtech Enterprises demonstrated how their product can be used on all kinds of materials–trees, walls, fabrics–and in all kinds of environments, even underwater.

The material relies on a proprietary formula that uses thousands upon thousands of nano-capacitors that automatically align themselves properly when sprayed onto a surface. They charge and discharge quickly, and notably don’t generate much heat–a major selling point for a product that might be sprayed onto anything from wood structures to cell phone cases to vehicle exteriors.

The explanation of exactly how this works is better demonstrated than written, and Chamtech’s CEO, Anthony Sutera, does so in detail in the video below. The company is currently riding high on the results of successful tests that showed that the spray works well underwater, and is currently looking for customers in both the public and private sectors.