A Modern Super Bowl Sunday Is Nothing Without Puffed Cheese-Flavored Snacks

Here's how to make your own, with just three kinds of food starch

The creators of Modernist Cuisine are getting ready to watch the big game just like anybody else: infusing water with cheddar cheese, blending an emulsified sauce with engineered tapioca starch, and deep-frying delicious snacks for all to enjoy.

Chris Young and team have made the Wylie Dufresne-inspired recipe available on their site, and it looks delicious. You mix the cheese-infused water with starches to make a paste, which you then dry and fry till puffy. (“The residual water expands 1,600 times in volume as it turns to steam, forming bubbles in the gel that harden when cooked.”) Meanwhile you’ve made a cheese sauce, and turned it into a powder using a miraculous ingredient called N-Zorbit which turns oils into fluffy dust. The latter gets dusted on the puffs, and the game is on.

Modernist Cuisine