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Some people go swimming with dolphins, enthralled with their easy movement through the water and the grace with which they occasionally breach the surface. Others, like Franky Zapata, make dolphins look pretty lame by comparison. Zapata, a professional jet ski racer and designer of the watercraft has created what he calls a Flyboard, a wearable apparatus that makes him part aquatic Iron Man, part dolphin analog, and all awesome.

The Flyboard is something like the water-powered jetpacks we’ve seen before, but unlike those previous iterations that simply let a user hover above the water’s surface, the Flyboard propels Zapata both beneath the surface and above it, lifting him more than 30 feet in the air via water jets attached to the feet and hands.

The cost to you: $6,400. We think you’ll agree it’s a small price to pay to be able to do what Zapata does in the video below.

Animals photo