Look at This Giant Bug!

The largest adult insect ever found actually seems sort of cuddly

This amazing/disturbing picture is of a giant weta, the world’s biggest insect at a whopping 71 grams in weight. Wetas are cricket- or grasshopper-like insects native to the smaller islands of New Zealand, having been eradicated from the larger islands due to recently-introduced rats and other mammals. It’s been officially named as the heaviest adult insect in the world (though some insects, like the Goliath beetle, attain higher weights in their larval stages).

The pictured giant weta is more specifically a wetapunga (you are encouraged to pronounce this “wetapunga!”), or a Little Barrier Island weta, named for the small island on which it is found. This particular specimen was found by adventurer Mark Moffett, who was somehow able to overcome the terror of seeing a bunny-sized bug.

[via The Telegraph]