Video: Filmmaker Rob Spence's Implanted Bionic Camera Eyeball Is Up and Running

Rob Spence's Bionic Eye


Rob Spence, a self-proclaimed "Eyeborg," had his eye, which was damaged in a shotgun accident, replaced with a camera about two years ago. It's not too much of a stretch for Spence, who otherwise works as a filmmaker--and now he's been sponsored by video game maker Square Enix, which commissioned Spence to create a video about prostheses to promote their new game, Deux Ex: Human Revolution.

On his blog, which is endearingly named Eyeborg, Spence has posted a new twelve-minute video.

He travels around the world, talking to those endowed with the cutting edge of cyborg-dom. Matter of fact, it's not too different from our recent feature, State of the Bionic Art, except Spence investigates the specific real-life counterparts to the crazy-futuristic prostheses and cyborg parts featured in the new Deux Ex game. It's a pretty cool video, game plugs notwithstanding--any video that features a man saying "I am now filming your bionic hand...with my bionic eye" has a way of getting in our good graces. Check out the video below, though a warning that there are a few images that might not be kind to those with weak stomachs.

We'll keep you up to date on Eyeborg--his site teases that there will be more to come on the making of his prosthetic camera-eye in the coming days.