Slow-Motion Video: A Puppy Being Adorable

For this week’s movie, we turned to the staff of the paper edition of Popular Science for help. That’s right: this cuddly puppy is the Deputy Editor of the magazine.

In this video, see him drinking water AND rolling over — two critical skills, performed with fuzzy aplomb for your enjoyment.


In 2008, Popular Science named Vision Research’s Phantom V12 slow-motion video camera one of the best products of the year. This summer, we drove out to the headquarters of Vision Research in New Jersey to talk to the Phantom folks, see firsthand how the cameras are manufactured — and ultimately borrow a camera to really get a feel for how it works.

We took the v641 for a bit of a spin, shooting a series of delightful slow motion videos of subjects including fireworks, knives slicing through fruit, and puppies frolicking. All of these will be posted for your delectation, on a weekly basis.