The space hotel can house up to seven guests in four cabins. Orbital Technologies

Until American companies start launching private spaceships, Russian-built space capsules will be the only way to get astronauts up to the International Space Station or other orbital outposts. If these images are accurate at all, Russian-built spacecraft might as well stay the only option. Doesn’t this look cozy?

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Future space tourists will have some pretty nice digs in Orbital Technologies’ space hotels. The pods are supposed to launch by 2016, offering space for wealthy travelers or private companies who want to do microgravity research. Just like our own astronauts nowadays, visitors will reach the pods on Russian Soyuz rockets.

Unlike the space station pods designed by Bigelow Aerospace, which the company insists are not space hotels, these pointy pods are certainly meant for leisure travelers. Visitors can choose vertical or horizontal beds, actual food prepared on Earth and reheated in microwaves, and sealed showers with running water, as opposed to the sponge baths currently employed by ISS residents. A five-day stay will cost about $165,000.

Check out our gallery for a glimpse of the future of leisure vacations.

Commercial Space Station Exterior

Guests of the space hotel will get an unparalleled view of Earth from 217 miles in the air.

Commercial Space Station Cutaway

The space hotel can house up to seven guests in four cabins.

Commercial Space Station Cutaway 2

Getting to the space hotel will set you back over $800,000, and a five-night stay is an additional $165,000.

Commercial Space Station Interior

The Commercial Space Station will be more comfortable than the International Space Station, with showers instead of sponge baths and gourmet prepared meals instead of space ice cream.

Commercial Space Station Interior 2

Visitors have the option of sleeping in either horizontal or vertical sleeping bags, though in zero gravity, we have to imagine they’d be equally comfortable.

Commercial Space Station Interior 3

After space tourist season is over, the station can be used by astronauts for missions.

Commercial Space Station Interior 4

The Commercial Space Station is set to open for business in 2016, so you still have a few years to save up for a trip.
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