Morning everybody. That’s the view from the press viewing mound as of around 6:45 AM EST this morning. The weather is actually somewhat pleasant, with streaks of sun passing through the cloud cover. But the chance of favorable launch conditions is still a scant 30 percent. We’re a little less than four hours from the planned launch as of this update–you can follow along here with the NASA TV broadcast, as well as updates from us here and on Twitter. Go Atlantis!

7:54 AM EST: As of now, there have been no technical issues in the countdown whatsoever. The only deal breaker currently is the weather. And that’s a big one.

8:24 AM EST: I must post this shot of Atlantis last night. Seeing it this close all lit up at night was amazing:

8:32 AM EST: Twitter seems to be having trouble with their embedded widgets at the moment. We’re still updating there, though. The next notable events in the countdown are the crew hatch closing at 9:21 AM EST, and then a countdown hold at T-20 minutes at 10:11 AM EST.

Here is the official NASA TV feed:

And here are our updates live from Kennedy Space Center on Twitter:

Check out our photo gallery of Atlantis on the pad poised for launch here, and the rest of our STS-135 coverage here

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