Military photo
via Ars Technica

A few weeks back, we wrote about a tiny, tossable recon robot small and sturdy enough to be thrown to and from rooftops, over walls, through windows, and pretty much anywhere a military, police, or first responders might need an extra set of remote-controlled eyes. Now Recon Robotics, makers of the Throwbot, have developed a similar beer can-sized robot that can be fired from a cannon, stick magnetically to the side of a ship, and scale the hull to get up to the deck.

Designed for anti-piracy operations, the swashbuckling ‘bot is actually a two-part system, which Recon Robotics describe as “marsupial.” Essentially, a smaller mobile robot fitted with an infrared camera is housed inside a larger robot. The duo is then launched from some kind of launcher or cannon from another boat or perhaps an unmanned robotic vessel. After magnetically adhering to the hull and climbing up the side of the ship, the larger bot deploys the smaller one on deck so it can roll around and beam video footage to its handlers.

Guaranteed to ease the storming of any (metallic) ocean-going vessel. Eyepatch not included. Video below.

Military photo

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