Video: Can We Please Have A PR2 For the PopSci Office? Thanks

Wanted: a robot to bring beer and read the label aloud

PR2 Gets a Beer

As seen in Faithful Willow Garage Robot Taught to Fetch Beer from Fridge

PR2, our favorite beer-fetching, laundry-folding robot helper, has learned how to read text.

One PR2, owned by the University of Pennsylvania's GRASP Lab, can pronounce his name — "Graspy" — and can helpfully point out the location of restrooms and professors' offices. Too bad he can't quite pronounce the word "robot."

It sounds more like "ribbit," but hey, he's still learning.

We have already seen PR2 make a self-portrait; now watch the newly literate 'bot make out different fonts, text of various size and even lettering at a distance.

[via IEEE]