An Industrial-Grade Demolition Machine for Your Home

Tear into walls without scuffing your floors

When demolition jobs require more than just a sledgehammer, consider wielding the Stanley LaBounty F16. The remote-control demolition machine rips through walls, snips rebar, and pulverizes concrete about as fast as a six-person wrecking crew armed with handheld tools.

It’s narrow enough to fit through a typical 32-inch doorway and light enough to not ruin your kitchen tile. Hooked to a generator, the F16’s 25-horsepower motor can drive more than 120 tools, which gives it enough brawn to break down a mall in less than a week.

Tradable Tools

The machine’s attachments include a concrete breaker that can take down thick walls, a drop hammer that can smash 1,000 square feet of concrete floor an hour, and shears that can slice through steel pipe and metal beams.

Telescoping Arm

Because the F16’s power and hydraulic cables are tucked below its fully rotatable, telescoping arm, the machine can reach anything within a 16.4-foot radius without slicing into itself.

Tank Treads

The 3,417-pound F16 can be driven into your home along tanklike continuous tracks. It maneuvers via remote control.

Adjustable Feet

Four automatic footpads keep the machine balanced on uneven floors and can widen up to two feet to spread out pressure.

Get It: Stanley LaBounty F16 Remote Controlled Demolition Robot $135,000, or about $4,000/week rental; Stanley Hydraulic Tools