In First U.S. Flight, ‘JetMan’ Will Fly Through the Grand Canyon

“JetMan” Yves Rossy, the Swiss aviator, engineer, and PopSci favorite whose jet-powered wing has carried him across the English Channel and Lake Geneva, is planning yet another jet-winged feat, his first on U.S. soil. On May 6, Rossy plans to fly through the Grand Canyon in Arizona, notching what is sure to be a number of “firsts” for both Rossy and the Canyon.

The exact point of Rossy’s flight has yet to be revealed, but we do know that it will take place somewhere in the Western Grand Canyon area and that during his flight Rossy will pass within 700 feet of onlookers as he negotiates his way through the canyon.

For the uninitiated, Rossy flies a novel jet-powered wing of his own design that straps directly onto his back–his body serves as a kind of rudder to control the thing–and provides thrust via four small engines. While the thrust is significant (Rossy can climb to some degree), it’s not enough to get him off the ground, so he has to climb to elevation aboard a plane before jumping and going airborne.

That means on Friday, May 6, Yves Rossy is going to jump out of a plane into the Grand Canyon and then fly through it with jet motors strapped to his back before parachuting to safety. So yeah, it’s going to be cooler than the time you went to the Grand Canyon with your grandparents when you were six. Way cooler.