Internet photo

Your computer can do your taxes, your appointment scheduling, and your grocery shopping, and now it can do your makeup as well. On display at CeBIT is a new technology that uses a computer’s Webcam to snap a 3-D image of your face, measuring shadows, lines, and complexion to automatically design a professional, custom-tailored makeup regimen.

The software has in its database 60 per-programmed models that have been made over by professional makeup artists. These model faces have been imaged in various lighting situations before and after makeup and are used as a baseline against which to measure a user’s face. But the software goes deeper, taking into account the nuances of a particular face, like freckles or moles. It will even evaluate a user’s existing makeup and determine whether a certain makeup combination suits a given face.

The system can even offer advice. Need something subdued and sober for that job interview? Or perhaps something a bit more sultry for an evening on the town? The software can be modified to provide situational cosmetics advice. More on how the system works below.

Internet photo