Video: Lions, Tigers, Servals, and Other Wild Felines Playing With an iPad

Game for Cats” is an iPad app with a moving image (either a laser dot or a mouse) upon which all housecats are genetically obligated to pounce, repeatedly. It’s almost unbearably adorable. But what about the less domesticated felines out there–lions, tigers, caracals, servals, and the housecat-sized Geoffroy’s cat? Turns out they’ll play with the app as well, even if their paws are iPad-sized to begin with.

This video, which features one of those ear-piercing songs that come built-in to those 15-key Casio electric pianos that can only play one note at a time, is the result of a collaboration between the app’s developer and the Conservator’s Center in North Carolina. The Conservator’s Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving these animals as well as other non-feline animals like wolves, lemurs, binturongs, kinkajous, and deceptively cat-like genets. You can read more about the Conservator’s Center here.

[via Gizmodo]