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The micromouse competition is an international event wherein a teeny automated robotic mouse has to survey and then navigate a maze as quickly and adorably as possible. This video shows the fastest micromouse we’ve ever seen, blowing through the maze in mere seconds.

Of course, the micromouse still has to take a few test runs and survey the landscape before it can perfectly race from start to finish. But it is, after all, the season of cornstalk mazes, which to a human are about the same size as this model maze is to the mouse. Go find your nearest cornstalk maze, take all the survey time you want, and then try to sprint through it in a few seconds. It doesn’t have an overhead view or use GPS like certain other robots, either–it just learns each corridor and remembers the layout it sees.

This video was taken at a local micromouse competition in Chubu, where the “EggTorte” team won first prize with this impressive showing.

[BotJunkie via Gizmodo]