Scenes From a Drone Trade Show

Take a photo tour of AUVSI, the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International trade show in Denver
Northrop Grumman's Global Hawk is the highest-flying of the military's current fleet of UAVs. With its 116-foot wingspan, it can climb to 60,000 feet and has a range of 9,500 nautical miles. Another show-goer gives a sense of scale. Eric Hagerman

When most people think “trade show,” what comes to mind are harsh fluorescent lights and hollow convention halls, all filled with corporate drones (of the human variety) idly wandering through booths hyping the latest in office paper technology, stopping only to hover over bowls of stale candy and cheap swag.

The annual Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) event in Denver, Co. is also a trade show, down to the expansive halls and harsh lights. But instead of the latest in corporate nothingness, its booths are filled with something far more interesting: the state-of-the-art in flying robots.

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We were recently on hand to find out what this sort of trade show looks like. Launch the gallery above for our photo tour.