Have you been wondering what it’s like to spend 520 days in a little sealed facility in Russia? The Mars500 project has cooped up 6 volunteers with no access to the outside world in an experimental isolation facility in Moscow, measuring just 550 cubic meters, to simulate a trip to Mars.

The experiment started June 3, and already we have some fascinating snapshots of what the volunteers are getting up to. In this gallery, the men play Wii, do chores, play-fight, study Chinese, and even man the “spaceship” controls once in a while.

That Wang Yue in particular seems like quite a card.

All Geared Up to Take On Hostile Martians

The Crew Shows Off Their Drug Collection

Clowning Around With Vital Medical Supplies

The Red Glasses Really Make It Look Like Mars

Wang Yue Teaches Romain Charles to Write Chinese

The Crew Rocks Out

Enjoying Some Down-Time

We Are Not Sure What This Face Scanner Is For

Vacuuming Out the Passage Between Two Modules

Crewman Yue Seems to Be Functioning Correctly

One Day’s Rations for One Crewman

Pretending to Fly the Spaceship