Video: GM Goes Hands-Off With EN-V Robotic Pod Car

The EN-V is more than just an electric ride for urban commuters

General Motors touted the automatic driving mode of its two-wheel electric car when it unveiled the vehicle last month in Shanghai, China. Now there’s a video that shows the hands-off driving experience future commuters can expect from the EN-V.

The Segway-inspired vehicle uses GPS, vehicle-to-vehicle wireless communication, and anti-crash sensing technologies to ensure that people need not touch their steering wheels ever again. In the new video, GM driver does his best to demonstrate that by holding his arms out and all but shouting “look ma, no hands!” as his EN-V alternately moves forward and spins on a dime.

GM aims to target more than just multitasking fiends who love videoconferencing on the road. Its vehicle could give newfound mobility to people who are currently too young, too old, or disabled, according to Chris Borroni-Bird, director of the EN-V program. We’d hope there’s still a lower age limit so that junior doesn’t go tearing off in the family’s new ride — but at least driving instructors need not worry about teaching parallel parking ever again.

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