A Kebab-Cooking Robot Automates Germany’s Favorite Fast Food

Today, at Germany’s first-ever trade fair dedicated to the wonders of doner kebab, new technology was unveiled that promises to change street-meat forever more: FFDR-V1004, the doner robot.

Doner kebab is the familiar dish, Turkish in origin but ubiquitous in Germany, of meat grilled on a vertical rotating spit and sliced off upon request. (It’s kin to Greek gyros and Middle Eastern shawarma.) Until now, though, the slicing of the meat has been performed by the clumsy hands of humans.

To quote the manufacturer’s site:


  • Non-stop working in 7-days / 24-hours,
  • Ability to cut in front of the high-temperature without getting bored,
  • Eliminates the negative human factors (sneezing, cough, perspiration, breath, touch, etc.) and guarantees the hygiene
  • Anybody with no experience at all, can both cook and slice by these robots,
  • Doner Robot slices the doner by using its digital camera.
  • By means of digital camera technology, there is no necessity of doner meat to be well-shaped or totally cylindrical surfaced.