Astronaut Packs Massive 800mm Lens For Twitpics From the ISS Porthole

In space, no one can hear your shutter click

Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi has spent his time aboard the International Space Station doing much more than just making sushi to entertain his fellow crew. He's also taking full advantage of the space station's new Internet access to stream plenty of Twitpics taken from space And to give all of us Earth-bound folk some sights to remember, he's using something a bit more advanced than the camera on his iPhone.

According to the EXIF data on his photos, Noguchi is using Nikon's D2Xs DSLR with a massive 800mm lens to snap space photos of everything from Mount Fuji to the Golden Gate Bridge. We've assembled some of his latest work here, while we await Noguchi's reply via Twitter about how space sushi tastes.

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Nikon Nikkor 800mm
On Earth it weighs 12 pounds. Probably a lot easier to use microgravity, no?Hafizudin
Haiti from Space
Flew over Port_Au_Prince of Haiti this afternoon. Our thoughts and prayers to Haiti people, from ISS.Soichi Noguchi
Tokyo from Space
Brilliant city lights over Tokyo, Japan.Soichi Noguchi
Golden Gate Bridge from Space
Golden Gate Bridge, San Fransisco, CA. Beautiful shadow :-)Soichi Noguchi
Mount Fuji from Space
Mount Fuji, Japan. 3,776m. The highest mountain in Japan. Photographed by Astronaut Soichi Noguchi from the International Space Station.Soichi Noguchi
Hawaii from Space
Hawaii island in the early morning sunlight. Home of Ellison Onizuka, one of the fallen heroes of Space Shuttle Challenger, 1986.Soichi Noguchi
Moon from Space
Full Moon, seen from space!Soichi Noguchi
Maldives from Space
Molvides Island, Indian Ocean. Breathtakingly beatiful!Soichi Noguchi
Kennedy Space Center from Space
KSC, Florida. Space Shuttle Endeavour STS-130 is ready to launch on Sunday!!!Soichi Noguchi
Moscow from Space
Moscow, Russia. Star City is far back on the right upper corner. #spacetweetSoichi Noguchi