Iran Loads Up On High-Tech Chinese Riot-Control Trucks


Today marks the 31st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. And in anticipation of Green Movement protests today, Iran has a new fleet of scary, high-tech riot-control trucks.

Made in China, the trucks hold 2,640 gallons of water that they can spray at protesters from up to 220 feet away. The truck also contains three 26-gallon drums that can be filled with tear gas, burning chemicals, and paint. The paint marks protesters, so that if they slip pass a police cordon during the chaos of rioting, they can be picked up by the cops later in the day. Each truck costs around $650,000, but it is unknown how many the Iranian government purchased.

What is known is that the trucks, combined with a pre-anniversary Internet crackdown, early shows of force by Basij militia members, and a year long wave of opposition arrests, has succeeded in controlling Green Movement opposition protests.

[LA Times, via Danger Room]