When most companies promote a new product, they follow a pretty standard formula. Write a press release, tape a demonstration of the device, and maybe send out some schwag. Yawn. To promote its new line of video projectors, Epson kicked it up to the next level, creating a PS3 gaming rig that let’s the user play anywhere there’s a flat surface.

The rig has its own power supply, a thin PS3, and an Epson (duh) projector that transforms any wall into a gaming platform. In the video below, marvel as the gamer plays a driving game against a wall, while levitating in a fan tube, and on the ground while rappelling down the side of a building.

However, cool as this thing is, I am left with a number of questions. Namely, why does that guy need those dorky looking goggles? And, can I get one that comes with a Wii?

Anyway, check out the video below, and decide for yourself whether you’d want to play _Soul Caliber against the side of a building, or if you’re happy enough with your PSP.

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