Our Vision of the Future of Magazines

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Although we believe in a strong future for print media, we’re even more excited about the digital potential for magazines. That’s why we’re thrilled with this initial vision for a future PopSci developed by Bonnier’s R&D group with design firm BERG.

What we think it demonstrates really well is that converting a magazine to a screen doesn’t have to rob it of the core principles we all love about magazines: that reading them is a relaxing, immersive experience. And that the advantages of digital include subtle, unintrusive features like easy sharing and search. This is really the beginning of this effort for us—there are still a lot of challenges to solve around representing various article and magazine types, making reading as easy and intuitive as possible and sorting out the right mix of interactivity and multimedia. So we’d love to hear what you think of this and what else you’d really like to see in a digital form of PopSci. Let us know in the comments.