That economic recession has hardly slowed down the growing swarm of robots designed for almost every task imaginable.

Many of them showcased their skills at Japan’s International Robot Exhibition 2009, along with a host of human handlers. Consumers in the market for a pair of robot skates need not hold their breath for much longer.

Launch the gallery for a selection of our favorite ‘bots.

Heavy Lifter

This AV-T3 autonomous cargo transport robot can uncomplainingly move heavy loads around, courtesy of Fuji Heavy Industries. Look at that angry-eyebrow smile!

Shadow Hand

Need a hand? Put on a CyberGlove and take control of the C6M Dexterous Hand developed by the UK’s Shadow Robot Company.

Robo Skates

Strap on a pair of robot skates that can automatically move forward when they sense a user leaning forward. Dr. Toshinobu Takei of Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)demonstrated at IREX.

Becoming Your Bed

Walking is so 20th century. Japan Logic Machine has created a the Yurina Care Robot that can go from bed to wheelchair and help the elderly or disabled. Say, that sounds familiar.

Working the Livelong Day

The NEXTAGE robot joins a long line of industrial robots that can work tirelessly on the assembly line. Let’s just hope that they can all remain gainfully employed.

Paddle Bot

This Vietnamese robot named TOPIO doesn’t even need shades to be cool. But it’ll wear them all the same while challenging humans to ping pong.

Face Yourself

This receptionist robot requires a human programmer help freak you out. Japanese robot maker Kokoro created the “actroid” to demonstrate camera-based face mimicking technology.

Familiar Fembot

NT Research of Korea displayed a basic tele-operated RAMeX robot that requires human input for moving its arms and hands. OK, but … why the silver Terminator-style color?