The advantage to working at a place like PopSci is that, between our editors and contributors, I’m surrounded by tech experts I can turn to whenever I’m in the market for a gadget and ask simply, “So which one should I buy?” This year, we decided to package all of that expertise into the Tech Buyer’s Guide which we’re giving away for free starting today.

In each of 17 categories of products, from TVs to camcorders to gaming, we’ve picked a favorite item, the one we recommend over all the others. And for those on a tight budget, or with money to burn, we’ve also included a bargain and a splurge pick as well.

Even if you don’t feel like trusting our taste, you’ll benefit from the core buying advice for each category we’ve distilled into the Stats that Matter, the Features to Look For, and What You Can Skip.

Click the link below to open the guide—and then tell us what you think, about the guide and any experience you may have with the product picks themselves, in the comments below.

Popular Science Tech Buyer’s Guide