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Most of us will never get to work on a secret project with a clandestine codename. Sure, we can make up our own—I’m planning to sneak out an hour early on Friday and I’ve been referring to the plan as “operation walrus,” all month. But, engineers and developers who work on new gadgets get the real deal. Last week, Microsoft talked about its upcoming Xbox hardware that it calls Project Scarlett, which sounds like something a villain with an eyepatch would try to inflict on an unsuspecting world.

On this week’s episode of Techathlon, we dig into some of the other famous project codenames that have existed within the tech world through history. Do you know what the ultra-secret codename for the original iPhone was? You will after listening to the episode. So, fire up your favorite podcast player, sneak in your tiniest headphones and get ready for Operation Earholes in which you pretend to do work, but instead, you listen to us at your desk.

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Here’s what else you can expect from this week’s show.

Techathlon Decathlon

As always, we break down the week’s biggest tech news into 10 fun and competitive trivia questions. Rob wins pretty much all the time, so it’s worth tuning in just to see if anyone can beat him. This week’s topics range from new features in Google Maps to the infinitely lovable Keanu Reeves. Be sure to tweet your score at us after you play along.

Reviews in review

It’s fun to review products, but it also has its pitfalls. No one wants to be the person who called the first iPhone a “novelty” that wouldn’t last. In this segment, we look back on reviews for classic games that may have missed the mark, at least by a little. Every time one of the contestants gets a question wrong, they’re forced to drink a ridiculously named energy drink. Not to spoil anything, but all the hosts were awake for roughly 36 hours after this taping.