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It’s always exciting when Apple throws a big keynote event. Apple fanboys get to obsess over every new announcement. Android fanboys get to send condescending tweets about everything Tim Cook says. And tech writers don’t have to come up with anything interesting to write because posts about new Apple stuff always get lots of clicks no matter what they’re about. But, while you’re waiting for WWDC to get started, (or you’re reading this post-event and you’re already bored of it), spend some quality time with the latest episode of Techathlon.

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Here’s a quick peek at what’s in this week’s episode.

Techathlon Decathlon

As always, Jason breaks down the week’s biggest technology stories into 10 trivia questions. This week’s topics include a laptop that’s also a piece of fine art, Amazon’s new smart speaker with a screen, and the new Pokemon video game you play while you sleep.

Don’t Stat Me: iPod Edition

The iPod is one of the most influential gadgets of all time, and last week, Apple announced an update to the last remaining model, the iPod Touch. In this game, we take a look back through the history of the iPod and revel in some of the truly staggering stats surrounding the device Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation called “an excellent rectangle.”

Alphabet Soup: Computer Acronyms

Talking about tech and gadgets around people who don’t care about them can sound incredibly wacky. It’s a world so mired in jargon and acronyms that it’s basically a different language. And while we use a lot of these simple abbreviations often, how often do we really think about their actual meaning? When was the last time you said the full version of USB? How many can you get right?