Google Pixel 4 Techathlon
Why write a Pixel 4 review when autocomplete could do it for us? Google

Last week, Google announced the latest version of its Pixel smartphone. It includes fancy new features like a telephoto camera lens backed up by improved AI, a built-in radar sensor for gesture controls, and a 90 Hz screen for super smooth scrolling. As with any high-profile phone, the internet is flooded with reviews and we’ll have an in-depth review of the camera coming soon. But, for now, we decided to leave the reviewing duties to our iPhones.

On this week’s episode of Techathlon, we’re starting with prompts like “The Google Pixel 4’s camera is…” and then letting the iMessage autofill write the rest of the phrase. Sure, the results don’t offer many real mind-blowing insights into the usability or experience of using the phone, but they’re good for a laugh and sometimes reveal things about our hosts that they may not have even known about themselves.

Does the iPhone harbor any secret ill will toward the Pixel 4? Will AI autocomplete text eventually make reviewers obsolete? Should our hosts stop texting about their emotional baggage that influences the iPhone autocomplete feature? Listen and find out.

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