Not everyone can go diving among the incredible wildlife of Thailand’s coral reefs. But anyone with an internet connection can take a tour of the remarkable location by watching this gorgeous video of colorful sea life. Watch sluggish sea cucumbers, eerily camouflaged scorpionfish, and languid sea fans drift across your screen, and relax.

The video was filmed at Ko Bida Nok a popular diving site in Thailand’s Phi-Phi National Marine Reserve.

Scientists are learning more about the ocean and the ocean floor every day, but there might not be enough time for us to unlock all of the ocean’s secrets before they disappear.

Coral reefs, like the one seen in the video are generally thought to be in danger from the ravages of climate change, especially ocean acidification, a change in the basic chemistry of ocean water. With the international climate summit in Paris, scheduled to start on November 30th, fast approaching, videos like this one show us exactly how much we have to lose if leaders can’t reach a consensus on climate change.