Featured in woodworking

A DIY crosscut sled on a table saw in a woodworker's workshop.
A lot of logs, rough-sawn wood, and assorted planks stacked up in a barn of some kind.
Some playing cards in a wooden drawer in a workshop, with the joker in the foreground.
A DIY shop vac-mounted dust collector in a basement workshop.
A bathtub full of bubbles with a homemade wooden bath tray on it, complete with a book, a phone, a candle holder, and a wine glass holder.
diy glue gun stand
A cracked wooden table at a restaurant, with a glass of white wine and a white plate with salmon and greens on it.
A table saw blade tuned up and straightened to exactly vertical at 90 degrees.
A blue wooden shoe rack table against a gray wall with neatly paired shoes on it.
A person slicing cucumbers on a scratched wooden cutting board.