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Person with brown curly hair on a tablet looking unhappy while going back to work after vacation
Cinque Terre, Italy, landscape with colorful buildings on the cliffs over the seaport
a woman in a purple coat and a red hat looks at a shop covered in christmas lights
A blonde person wearing a medical face mask and standing in a mostly empty airport while holding onto a white rolling suitcase.
Ocean-front resort with mountain and blue waters
A woman outside, using the best portable wifi, with a white backpack working on a laptop placed on a folding laptop stand.
Person with luggage traveling through airport during COVID-19 pandemic
Two people in black jackets standing on a city street trying to figure out how to get from one place to another by using a map.
Person sitting on lawn chair with laptop working and looking out into a field
A map with the directions of the roads and over it a pencil, a professional camera, a notebook, and an orange bag.