Featured in Olympics

Track runner kneeling on starting line
On the left, a side view of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic torch shows the official logo and the rose-gold color of the flower-shaped torch. On the right, a top view of the torch while lit displays the five petals and central flame of the cherry blossom.
A grey haired man in a dark suit, wearing a black mask stands in from of a two-toned blue background and behind a long table set up with three microphones and chairs. The background says
11 people are pictured running in a group on a rain-slicked road from the waist down. Most are wearing black shorts, the leader is wearing black, full length leggings. Their legs are muscular and their shoes are all bright colors like neon greens, blues, cherry red, and purple.
A person wearing a surgical hair net, face mask, face shield and protective surgical gown pulls on surgical gloves while standing in a health clinic.
White Olympics five-ring flag flying during the 1988 summer games in Seoul
an old photo of a man running barefoot on a green illustrated background