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A lot of logs, rough-sawn wood, and assorted planks stacked up in a barn of some kind.
An Amazon delivery man putting an Amazon package on a porch in front of a door during the daytime.
Various types of makeup on a white surface, with some leaves nearby.
Two surprised students learning in a library on a laptop.
A person holding a smartphone with a group of social media apps visible on the screen, including Twitter and Tumblr.
Eucalyptus essential oil on a white surface with some green leaves next to it, and in front of a brick wall.
A woman wearing a gray top stretching while she sits up in bed in the morning in front of an open window.
A person wearing a yellow sweater and sitting at a wooden desk while using a silver Macbook laptop.
A man working on a laptop while sitting on a rock overlooking a city at sunset.
A person sitting in front of a silver Macbook laptop and holding a credit card.