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Two adults and a child in a rowboat on a calm lake at sunset. The man at the bow is paddling, the man at the back is holding a fishing rod, and the child is sitting between them.
A woman in hiking attire and a large backpack standing on a cliff in a mountain range.
A man sitting on an airplane at sunset and looking into his backpack.
A child cross-country skiing on a snowy field near some round, tree-covered mountains.
A rocky trail on the side of a steep, grassy mountain under a blue sky. It's the kind of hike you'd need to prepare for.
A person hiking alone on a trail without any crowds, moving through the forest toward the setting sun.
North american porcupine sitting on the ground among wild flower
A person sitting in a car with their bare feet out the open window, looking at a road map while overlooking an ocean.
A person wearing a wide-brimmed hat sitting on some rocks high above a bright blue glacial lake in the mountians.