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A woman wearing a gray shirt and blue jeans using a laptop on her lap with the Popular Science archive on the screen.
A mobile phone with a bunch of social media apps on the screen, along with other apps.
A person holding a houseplant at the store.
Two surprised students learning in a library on a laptop.
A man sitting and opening his wallet to remove several hundred dollars in cash with a laptop on the table in front of him.
Some playing cards in a wooden drawer in a workshop, with the joker in the foreground.
A phone with an audiobook on its screen, sitting on top of an e-reader and an actual book, with some earbuds on top of the phone.
A cracked-open coconut on a light pink background with the white outline of a palm leaf underneath.
A photo of a person with a film camera traveling in their car.
A person holding a smartphone with a group of social media apps visible on the screen, including Twitter and Tumblr.