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neon sign depicting an instagram like notification bubble with a zero
close up to rbg colored keyboard
A man in a blue plaid shirt, jeans, and white socks using a cordless vacuum to clean a tile kitchen floor near a large window.
The back of an internet router, with most of the ports empty.
A phone with the Spotify app open, playing Play the Silences by Hippie Sabotage.
A pile of food scraps and compost materials.
A SanDisk USB drive on top of an e-reader.
A turtle crossing a road.
A woman wearing a brown hat and a striped shirt, standing on a rooftop during the day and holding a coffee and her phone.
Looking through the windshield of a car driving down a flat road between open fields under blue skies, with one person in the driver's seat and a toddler in a carseat in the passenger seat.