Featured in design

A blonde woman in a white bathrobe smiling and lying on a white bed in a blue room.
Silver Lincoln Continental Mark in a showroom with the sunroof open
Pepper the social robot.
On the left, a side view of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic torch shows the official logo and the rose-gold color of the flower-shaped torch. On the right, a top view of the torch while lit displays the five petals and central flame of the cherry blossom.
A child wearing a dark t-shirt and striped leggings climbs a playground structure. The child and structure are greyscale against a yellow, beige, black, pink, and green abstract background.
Roof of a house surrounded by trees with a red and orange color overlay.
pedestrian traffic light with red background
A lit-up igloo under a starry night sky
Masha Krasnova-Shavaeva illustration
A gold-colored mylar emergency blanket.