Featured in build it yourself

A DIY shop vac-mounted dust collector in a basement workshop.
A bathtub full of bubbles with a homemade wooden bath tray on it, complete with a book, a phone, a candle holder, and a wine glass holder.
A couple dozen thumbnail-sized squares of chocolate, each with blotches and streaks of vivid rainbow colors.
diy glue gun stand
A homemade DIY e-bike parked in front of a snow-covered evergreen grove.
A blue wooden shoe rack table against a gray wall with neatly paired shoes on it.
A person slicing cucumbers on a scratched wooden cutting board.
DIY wooden coat hooks by the door
Three mason jars with homemade fabric dye and some dyed shirts inside them. From left to right: purple, orange, and pink.
A tiger swallowtail butterfly puddling and drinking water in a muddy area.